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Ron and Hermione 100

100 Word Drabbles about Ron/Hermione

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100 word drabbles about Ron/Hermione
Welcome to the Ron/Hermione 100 Community. Weekly prompts are posted every Sunday and you're invited to write a 100 word drabble based on that prompt.

Beautiful artwork by kath_ballantyne!

We have open membership so anybody can join and post their drabbles straight away.


- Your drabble MUST focus on Ron/Hermione in some way.
- ONLY 100 word drabbles are acceptable.
- There will be a prompt posted every Sunday. Feel free to use prompts from past weeks too.
- If you post more than one drabble in an entry, please use an lj-cut.
- If drabbles are R/NC-17 they MUST be under a cut. Please warn appropriately.
- This community may contain adult content, please read at your own risk, and take heed of warnings.
- Feel free to post a link/fake-cut to your own journal.
- If you would like to suggest a prompt (or affiliate with this community), comment here. We're always looking for new ideas.
- Help spread the word about us by posting banners in your userinfo, or in entries when you're pimping.

Please put the title, rating and your user name into the subject line of your post.

Please tag entries appropriately with author, genre, rating and prompt. (If you're unsure about the genre, just leave it.) Other tags MUST be used.

For example: author: hpuckle, genre: angst, rating: pg, snow

Please use the following template when posting:




Basic Layout By: sparklpocalypse
Header By: hpuckle (art by kath_ballantyne)

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters and concepts are copyrighted by JK Rowling and Warner Bros. This community is intended for entertainment purposes only.